5 Best Outdoor Water Bottles for Adventure Travel – Buyer’s essentials

drink safe during while travelling

1. Travel Water Bottle – Purifies Water

This water bottle is great to use while you’re travelling anywhere, eliminating 99.9% of Waterborne bacteria and parasites. It’s also completely leak proof so it can be packed with your trekking gear or sleeping bag in the bag pack. It can filter out your water from any water source which keeps your water safe. It also filters out additional bacteria to reduce the nasty aftertaste.

Tips for this product

Gear feature, the mouthpiece is removable. Although it’s lightweight, it is also very strong.

2. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof Twist Cap

The Nomader is very sturdy indeed and doesn’t leave dents. The collapsible features allow it to roll up nicely to fit inside your daypack and doesn’t leak. Whether you’re at work or outdoors, this bottle handles hot or cold drinks and is made from non-toxic materials (BPA Free). The special design of the mouthpiece also helps to keep germs from spreading. Really practical if you travel with a small backpack or have limited space.

3. Hydrate 2.2 Litre Water Bottle – Durable & Extra Strong

With a capacity of 2.2 Liter, this is a great bottle to have if you need one to hold large capacity of water. It has a handy flip top lid to keep out dirt and germs and is transparent so you can see the amount you are drinking. Also BPA FREE, you can keep it in your rucksack because it’s nice and sturdy or.

Tips for this product

Great idea, you can attach it to your bag with the nylon strap.

4. SIGG Traveller, Lightweight

SIGG bottle is exclusively made in Switzerland. The outdoor water bottle is very lightweight and easy to carry especially if you have a heavy rucksack. SIGG aluminium bottles are made from 100% recyclable product which is healthy for the environment. The high grade aluminum materials won’t give your water a nasty taste. The ECHO liner of the bottle helps to prevent the bottle from leaking and there is no BPA and no Phthalate.

Tips for this product

What I like is the stylish design and the range of colours – I always bring a black one filled with coffee and a blue one for your water!

5. Grsta Sports Water Bottle – Eco Friendly

This high quality bottle has a convenient one-handed feature. This allows you to open the bottle while you are cycling or hiking and the useful carrying handle it comes with allows you to attach it to your belt or your bag strap if your hands are busy. It does not contain any strange plastics and is made of eco-friendly material – so no nasty tastes. The bottle is sealed well and does not have any leaks. It also keeps your ice very cold which is helpful on a hot day or when you’re walking outdoors.

My last minute top choice for adventure


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