5 Exciting Wildlife Adventures to Experience

From the forest of Borneo to the African savannah, nothing beats the thrill of being breathtakingly close to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife – don’t you think?

I have hand-picked 5 wildlife encounters you’ll never forget.

1. Kenya & Tanzania Adventure

Excellent game viewing, spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife and exotic Zanzibar. Kenya and Tanzania are home to some of the most prolific game-viewing locations not just in Africa, but the world. This is an excellent trip for wildlife, scenery and a taste of life in East Africa, with a few days of relaxation at the end.

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2. Discover Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned for having proportionately more protected land than any other country, making it ripe for wildlife tourism. Experience the rainforest, mountains and coast of this tropical paradise. Driving distances are not very long and most of the roads that we travel on are of good quality.

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3. Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

Borneo is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife in the whole of South East Asia. A nature lover’s paradise, whose beauty and animals are equalled only by Sarawak and the World Heritage Mulu National Park with its immense cave system and and the oldest rainforest in the world. The best of Borneo – wildlife, rainforests and tropical beaches

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4. Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana

Gliding along the Okavango Delta waterways in Mokoro canoes and wild camping in the wetlands, there’s good chances of seeing both Africa’s emblematic wildlife as well as some of its lesser species. Delta, Falls, salt-pans and bush are the backdrop to the fantastic wildlife and wilderness of Botswana. October and November are the hottest months, but are also very good for game viewing.

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5. Land Of The Tiger

Bengal tigers are a highly seductive class-A predator; they are also desperately endangered. Seeing one in the wild is intoxicating. Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks are teeming with a variety of wildlife and all have something different to offer. There are a lot of very early morning starts as this is the best time to see tigers. The management of national parks by the Indian authorities and the system for booking game drives has changed significantly, so book this trip as far in advance as possible.

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Wildlife tours offer many incredible experiences and a unique chance to see animals in their natural habitat. It also gives a rare opportunity to explore the magnificent natural life that surrounds us and to learn how to preserve it.

Discover also the beauties of Mauritius in the Indian ocean !

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