5 Powerful Ways To Travel More

Travel more and achieve your dreams today

I love travel, it’s what keeps me energised and curious about the world, and it teaches me a lot about nature, both environmental and human. I’m lucky enough to be able to travel pretty much full time and to go where I really want to go, but not everyone is in the same situation for a huge variety of reasons. Some of the things which stop people travelling as much as they would like to include the financial cost, family and job responsibilities, and sometimes we have to learn to work around these obstacles so we can still fulfil our travel dreams.

Don’t give up on your dream. With some careful planning and money management anything is possible.

Take short trips

Taking short trips to places is a lovely way of travelling within these constraints. You may be able to arrange job and family cover for a few days rather than a few weeks, so use this time to visit places you’ve always wanted to go to, but just never had the time to.

Get local

It’s also worth looking at local destinations – often we forget about what’s right outside our door and we can still get as much out of going to a nearby place as we can from going halfway around the world. If you know a lot about your surroundings why not try out leading tours around the city or a landmark. Good tour guiding skills can be turned into money making opportunities – you might end up travelling for work! Even visiting the closest country to you can show you new cultures, new foods, new places and teach you loads about the world and the people in it. Sometimes it’s about getting the most out of what you have and appreciating that.

Have an eye on the next travel deals

If you can be flexible with dates it’s a good idea to regularly check for cheap flights. You can find good last minute deals as well as good deals on flights that have just been released, so it’s worth keeping track of these. Making friends with your local travel agency can also help get you good deals if someone cancels at the last minute, or they need to fill up a trip in order to make it happen.

Practise mindfulness

You might not always get your dream destination, but there’s always something to see. To taste. To discover. Do and learn in every place you go. If you really want to go to a far-flung destination that’s going to cost you a lot of money on flights, travel insurance, accommodation, vaccines or even equipment. Don’t give up on your dream. With some careful planning and money management anything is possible.

Don’t give up on your dreams

In my previous blogpost, I revealed how to set your travel goals following the SMART acronym – this is a useful one to use when planning my trips.

  • S- Specific – where do you want to go? How long for? Who with? By what age/when would you like to go?
  • M- Meaningful – what do you want to see there? What do you want to learn? Why go there?
  • A- Achievable – make it easier to achieve big plans by breaking them down into smaller, achievable ones.
  • R- Realistic – can you raise the money to go? Can you make it cheaper in any (safe) way?
  • T- Time bound – set yourself a time limit on each of your smaller plans to keep you on track.

Step out of your comfort zone

If you know why you want to go and you can answer these questions, it makes the whole plan a lot more real, rather than it remaining a pipe dream wich you regret not pursuing all your life.

Once you have a really well thought out plan, it’s much easier to make this a priority, so you will have more of a reason to save, to plan and to do what you can to make it happen. If you’re really dedicated to travel and adventure you might even think about how you can turn this desire into a career in travel writing or photography.

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I am a full-time blogger, an entrepreneur and an avid traveller. I share my travel experiences and inspiring mountain and trekking adventures through stories, photos and videos to help you explore the world. As a photographer, I invite you to travel with me to some exciting corners of the world to discover your own dream destination. Life is short, keep your dreams big !

4 thoughts on “5 Powerful Ways To Travel More

  1. Skiworld says:

    These 5 tips are essential not only for getting motivated to travel more, but also for everything you need to get motivated for. Follow these tips and you may never face laziness or de-motivation to do anything.

  2. George says:

    This is so true! Travel is a choice; it is about stepping out of your comfort zone and chasing down those dreams! Thank you very much for this article, Caroline.

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