5 Smart Airport Habits To Speed Up Security


Traveling by plane is a great way to get to the desired destination in the shortest time possible. But, getting through airport security can be a real headache, as it is a process that requires a lot of time. Even if you have a flight that lasts less than two hours, you will have to arrive at the airport two hours earlier in order to complete your security check. Well, if you like traveling by plane or you do it often, it’s time to find out some of the most useful and practical ways to get through airport security faster.

Pack your laptop last

If you plan on carrying your laptop on the plane, make sure that you can reach it with ease in your luggage. Laptops must be placed in separate trays during airport security checks, so you must be able to take it out from your backpack and place it on its own. Thus, packing it last, on top of your belonging, where it can be reached with ease, is a smart approach.

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Grab a reusable glass bottle instead of plastic water bottles

It is not allowed to have any kind of liquids when going through security check, so having a bottle of water with you will slow you down – check my list of water bottles for travel. Instead, choose to pack an empty reusable glass bottle, which you can easily fill with water once you’re done with the security check. This way, you are again adopting a responsible attitude toward the environment and no one will stop you from carrying a bottle of water.

Check Those Glass Blottles To Get Through Airport Security

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Get the help of technology

In order to shrink the queues at the check-in office, many air travel companies offer the online check-in option these days. It is free and you can do it very easy, by using your computer or mobile device. Not to mention that it is going to save you a lot of time. Also, choose to download and install the app corresponding to your preferred company and use a QR code instead of the traditional paper-printed version of your airplane ticket. It is environmentally-friendly and there’s no risk of losing your ticketu.

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Dress comfortably and watch for jewelry

Even if you like looking good, it is a smart choice to wear comfortable clothes when travelling by plane. Just think about those moments when you have to take off your shoes. So, wear comfy shoes that can come off quickly if needed and pay attention to any metallic elements, like belts. Also, it would be wise to remove all your jewelry, including body jewelry if possible, so you won’t lose time explaining them to the security officer.

Subscribe to a membership for frequent flyers

In case you find yourself in an airplane quite often, do consider becoming a member of the available flyer programs out there. You just need to find the one that suits your needs and enjoy all the perks that come along – Find out more about Travel Insurance. Being treated with priority at check-in or through airport security is one of the great things you can enjoy as a member of these programs. Of course, there are many other advantages, so it is worth checking them out.

We all enjoy travelling so embrace the zen attitude and make your air travel experiences stress-free and truly enjoy the opportunities life is offering. Check my flight deals below and start your own journey at great price :

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