5 Truly Amazing Places To Visit in Vietnam


Vietnam is an ever-changing country which offers unsurpassed cultural experiences and ancient traditions. From the verdant rice terraces to the vibrant modern cities, Vietnam is a land of contrast that will enchant you.

Discover the 5 of the most splendid jewels of Vietnam on your next trip. If this is a destination on your travel list, this is the time to tick it.

1. Hanoi Tour

Hanoi is a wonderfully atmospheric and vibrant city and Vietnam’s capital with charming colonial facades and fresh baguettes and coffee served from busy stalls. The bustling streets and graceful boulevards of the city may be modernising rapidly, leaving behind years of war without a backward glance, but through all of the upheaval of the past, and the influence of the French and Chinese, Hanoi has managed to stay the quintessential Vietnamese city.

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2. Halong Bay

Halong Bay, The Bay of Descending Dragons, have been capturing imaginations for centuries, and continues to do so today. Legend tells that the bay was created by dragons, a story that certainly suits its mystical aura. There is no better way to explore this picturesque panorama than by drifting tranquilly through the formations on a Halong Bay cruise.

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3. Sapa

After Vietnam’s energy-filled cities, Sapa is refreshing both in terms of climate and the slower pace of life. It is all about getting out into some pretty spectacular nature! Sapa is also the place to meet the colourful, ethnic minority people in the lush surrounding hills. Trekking out to the local villages, through the incredible terraced rice paddies, to get a glimpse at their subsistence way of life is a real must.

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4. Saigon

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, depending on who you ask, is Vietnamȍs biggest city and financial powerhouse, and was once the ȌPearl of the Orient. the city of today is a haven of culture and commerce, full of bright young things sipping on coffee and eating what is claimed to be Vietnamȍs best food.

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5. Mekong Delta

Countless crisscrossing waterways, a patchwork of rice paddies, orchards, palm trees, sugar cane plantations and vegetable fields, the Mekong Delta is a is a delightful place to explore. This is the perfect way to relax and end your trip before heading to even more vibrant destinations like Bangkok or Thailand.

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