Top 5 Water Sport Activities in Mauritius

discover the water sport activities of Mauritius

Do you know what the best part about spending a vacation on an island is? The wide availability of activities that involve water. Water sports are the kind of activities you can’t just have anywhere you want and after all, life is also about gathering interesting and unforgettable experiences as well.

So, here are my top 5 water activities that I always enjoy, and strongly recommend, while in Mauritius.

1. Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Kitesurfing is extremely popular in Mauritius, a number of schools being present here that are ready to teach any visitor determined to learn the secrets of this sport. I have to admit that I was introduced to kitesurfing on this island, as it has not just some of the best instructors, but also a few incredible spots for this water sport. Le Morne is the place to be in Mauritius for both kitesurfing and windsurfing, as this extension of the island, in the north-west part, enjoys great wind swirls all day long. The lagoon at Le Morne is like a wall against the winds that come from the east, allowing kite surfers to have a blast. I had some of the most exciting and fun kitesurfing experiences. Not to mention that Le Morne, which is a stunning rock formation, will provide incredible views in the background.

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2. Standup Paddleboard

I don’t wake up every day with an urge for adrenaline, looking to enjoy more relaxing and pleasant activities. The standup paddleboard is one of my favorite because it allows me to be on the water while gently gliding over. Every time I am near water and get my hands on a paddleboard, I will not hesitate to go for a tour on the water. I love the fact that they are silent, not affecting the natural habitats that exist around the island, so I had the chance to get real close to the birds, and other wildlife, in Mauritius. In my opinion, this is the best way to explore the surroundings of an island, while enjoying its beauty and making sure that you’re not creating any disturbances. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen on such an adventure, as the sun can get pretty hot here.

3. Water skiing or Wakeboarding

There is something unbelievably attractive to water skiing. The thrill of gliding so fast above the water, the wind, and water splashing all around you, they all grew on me. I love snowboarding in the winter, so I am extremely happy that I am able to enjoy a similar activity. Water skiing is definitely the kind of activity that will make your day out of the ordinary. For those that are also more familiar with snowboarding, instead of skiing, there is the wakeboarding, which involves some similar moves.

4. Sea Kayak

As an inside tip, Mauritius has a large number of caves along its coastal lines, many of them being reachable by boat only. Sea kayaking is the best way to discover these magnificent rock sanctuaries, where water creates such spectacular shows on the rocky walls, under the action of the sunlight. This is another water activity I love on Mauritius because it allows me to see the wild side of the island at my own pace. Once I got the hang of controlling my kayak, I went out on the water with a friend, choosing out my own exploration route. So it can be very rewarding.

5. Scuba diving

As I found out during my first trip to Mauritius, the island is blessed with an amazing coral reef and amazing marine wildlife. And since scuba diving is the best way to check them out, I decided to give it a try. So, before I knew it, I was underwater. It was truly surreal. I can’t explain how fascinating and majestic the underwater world looked like. You will only understand if you take a dive as well. Still, don’t venture out on your own and ask a local scuba diving school for guidance and support. Besides knowing the best diving spots on the island, a professional instructor will take care of your safety as well.

So, have you packed for Mauritius yet? Book your ticket to have an unforgettable time in this corner of paradise.

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