risk factors on this route going up to Everest Base Camp
Everest, Nepal

Acclimatising properly for the Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to the base of the world’s mightiest mount has been one of the most fulfilling adventures I’ve ever had. Challenging and beautiful, eye-opening and horizon-broadening, the journey ranges more than 5,000 metres up to the very roof of the world, and offers sweeping panoramas of the paradisiacal Khumbu region, along with encounters with Nepal’s […]


Nepal Erotic Wood Carving

All over Nepal on the struts of Hindu temples and pagodas of the early Buddhist period you can see richly detailed wood carvings, depicting scenes of a very erotic nature. Some temples reveal just the odd sly image while others are covered in them. Activities range from straight forward exhibitionism to scenes of couples engaged […]