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Imagine you could receive the best travel tips directly in your email box! Now you can. Don’t let a Travel App deliver general information that you don’t need, just tell us what You need to know.


The report is powered by a team of travel bloggers at Eseriani Travel Media. It takes about 3 to 4 working days to get your report completed, which you’ll receive in your email box. Make sure you check your inbox and also your spam folder, in case it has landed there.

Eseriani Travel Media gathers an amazing team of travel experts that will share with you some of the best tips for you next trip, just for you. They will share amazing travel tips and ‘things to do’ according to the information you have provided.

Sending a request is FREE and a travel expert will reply to you. Once your request is approved and ready to be built, you will be invited to purchase your report at a small fee.

– City tours & short breaks / 300 words / tips & useful information / £30
– In-depth travel tours or adventure trips, send me an email to talk about your project.

PLEASE NOTE : The report is for your information ONLY and we will not be liable for the information in your report or for things that have been suggested and that were no longer available at the time of travel. The report sent to you must not be reproduced, transferred or sold.

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