Jet Lag, Brilliant Ways To Improve Airport Life


Travelling by plane is one of the best ways to get across the world these days. In comparison with other means of transportation, air travel is the fastest and most convenient way to reach your preferred destinations. But, everything has a good side and a bad side. When it comes to travelling by plane, jet lag is probably one of the trickiest disadvantages to deal with.

Jet lag occurs when we cover long distances and move from one time zone to another, getting our body out of rhythm. In other words, we start losing sleep and find it difficult to get proper rest. This can seriously affect our wellbeing, so it’s important to know how to handle this aspect effectively and improve airport life. So, here are several brilliant ways to escape the unpleasant side-effects of jet lag.

Stay away from the food served on the plane and don’t have coffee either

Many of us enjoy the food served on the plane, especially when the flight is a very long one. But, if you ask the specialists, this type of food is the last thing you would want to have. Unfortunately, it has a low nutritional value and contains many additives that will push your organism even more. Instead, drink plenty of water throughout your entire journey. To avoid feeling hungry during the flight, have a proper meal before travelling, something that will fill your stomach and provide all the nutrients you need. Read on all about hygiene habits you should follow on your next trip.

Soak in as much light as possible

According to scientific studies, daylight is the one that regulates our circadian rhythm. Practically, the jet lag appears when this rhythm is disturbed, due to differences in the globe’s time zones. So, when days are getting shorter, we end up suffering sleep disturbances. In this case, it is recommended to enjoy as much daylight as possible upon arrival at your destination. Just step outside of the hotel, if it’s still daylight outside, regardless if there’s any sun or there are clouds on the sky, and simply gaze up as if searching for the light. Do the same the next day as soon as you wake up.

Make sure to have a good night sleep before your departure day

It is never a good idea to stay up all night or lose sleep before catching your flight. A well-rested body will always manage jet lag better than an exhausted one. Also, enjoying a nap on your day of arrival is not a bad idea either, especially if you feel tired. So, do your best to rest as much as possible within the first 24 hours once arrived at the desired destination.

Take cool showers in the morning and warm ones in the evening

Believe it or not, but the temperature of your body will help it regulate its rhythm. So, if you want to wake up well in the morning, taking a cooler shower will help. This will bring your brain back from its sleepy state. In the evening, set the air conditioner on lower values and go have a warm shower. Getting warmer and stepping into a cooler room will make you feel sleepier faster.

Don’t take sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are one of the worse things you can do. There’s a false assumption that sleeping pills used on the plane will help you skip the jet lag. On the contrary, they will do nothing for you in this direction. Moreover, you will feel funny once you arrive at your destination. Instead, try to relax by having a cup of warm herbal tea. You can bring in on your tea bags and just ask for a cup of hot water. Once you arrive, you can take supplements of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us sleepy. You can use very small quantities of melatonin before going to bed after you have arrived at your destination, as it will help your body and brain reset its rhythm faster.

As you can see, airport life doesn’t have to be a hustle and jet lag can be managed with the help of some tricks. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, your entire air travel experience can be significantly improved. From now on, don’t let jet lag ruin your desire to discover the world! For more improved airport vibes, check out how to speed up airport security during transit.

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