Experience Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival with Kazakh Hunters

If you are looking for a mix of refreshing eastern culture coupled with great cuisine, breath-taking landscape, awesome culture, and lovely warm climate, consider visiting Mongolia this September. Your trip in September will also coincide with the fantastic Golden Eagle festival that takes place in Western Mongolia near the Altai Mountains.

Golden eagle hunting festival is a century old tradition among the Kazakh hunters in Bayan Ulgii. The festival involves competitions between specially trained Golden Eagles to test their speed, accuracy, and agility of these lovely birds. Apart from the bird competition, several other Kazakh traditional games such as horse riding, Kokbar, and archery take part during the festival. The festival honours the Kazakhs traditions and way of life.

From Ulanbataar to the incredible Golden Eagle annual festival

The festival also awards the best-dressed hunters in the traditional Kazakh dress. The traditional dress is made of felt, skin, and cloth, which are then decorated with fur and jewellery. Sometimes brocade, silk, and velvet are also sewn into the clothing.

The nomadic Mongolian Kazakh are some of the few ethnic groups around the world that hold on to their fantastic nomadic lifestyle. A visit to the Golden Eagle Festival gives you a chance to gain an insight into the beautiful lives of the Kazakhs while traversing their breath-taking countryside.

There is more to discover

  • Get a taste of Mongolian cuisine

Treat your taste buds to exciting continental cuisine that is a mix of nomadic, Russian and Chinese cuisine. Dairy and meat are the staple food for Kazakh people, but a few vegetables are also eaten with the meat. Some of the delicacies you should have on your trip include the Khorkhog, a barbecued lamb with vegetables, Buuz, the tantalizing dumpling and Boodog a whole goat lasted with its skin and filled with onions, potatoes and hot stones among others.

  • Enticing Landscape

Enjoy splendid views of the Altai Mountains, extensive grasslands, lush shrubs, and warm September temperature in lovely Mongolian outdoors.

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime

Get ready for a ten-day fun-filled visit Mongolia & Golden Eagle Festival this September. You will enjoy a visit to Ulaanbaatar city and then head to Ulgii town before heading to the Golden Eagle Festival. You will also have a chance to spend a day with Kazakh family, experience their life while enjoying the Tsambagarav Mountain landscape. The tour also takes you to the Altai Tavanbogd National Park and horse riding among other activities.

Do no miss this chance to see the best of Mongolia. Reserve your tour today to avoid the last minute rush.


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