Travel has always been the compass guiding my choices in life. Even as a child, my dream was to travel the world and not being one to give up on dreams, I have done just that. If it didn’t include adventure, I wanted no part of it and looking back, my thirst for exploration has left behind quite the travel resume.

Adventurer & Travel Expert

Extensive travels through Nepal led me to climb Mt. Everest in 2006, Cho Oyu in 2004 and Manaslu in 2013, making me the 5th French woman to ever reach the summit. And, on travels to East-Africa, I visited Kenya and Tanzania tackling Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.

Mountain tops have not been my only travel achievements as I’ve left my ventures gaining close relationships with trekking companies, tour operators, ski resorts and a major DMC in London.

Second to travel, photography is another love of mine and I never fail to bring my camera on each and every journey. Capturing the beauty of the places I visit, I use my photography to share my experiences, inspire, and ignite a bit of wanderlust in others. When returning to London from a trip, I often organize photo exhibitions and give talks on travel and personal achievement.

In fact, during 2013, 2014 and 2015, I was invited to the Explore event at the Royal Geographical Society in London to discuss travel photography and digital media to the public.

Now, I have channeled my love for travel, photography and inspiring others by offering my services and expertise across the travel spectrum. From developing an ambassadorship program for travel brands offering photography and video and travel blogging to becoming a brand and travel tour ambassador, I have found a way to spread the word about travel destinations all over the globe.

These days, I’m marveling at the fact that I have been able to hone in my passions to help others enjoy this beautiful world too.

Travel DIgital Marketing

Caroline contributes to the strategic development of travel companies with high quality content and marketing solutions with the Digital Marketing Agency Eseriani Travel Media.

Travel Ambassador

Caroline represents Tour Operators and promotes amazing destinations. She shares her own personal experiences as she travels through fascinating countries on itineraries crafted for her by selected Travel Specialists.

Brand Ambassador

Caroline is a Brand Ambassador for Akammak outfits.