Who I am

My name is Caroline, I was born in France and I have been living in London (UK) for over 10 years. I started my career working in communication agencies in Paris, spending my spare time travelling throughout Europe or to Africa or Asia. In 2006 I climbed Everest with my husband and as tragedy struck, I decided to live my life according to my heart and personal goals. I became a tour operator specialised in small one-on-one tours to Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, tailoring itineraries for individuals wanting to escape the mainstream tourism. In 2013, I summited Manaslu (another 8000m peak) and become the 5th French woman to have ever reach the true summit. A life changing experience!

Home was calling so I came back to London and worked for an Everest expedition company and became a strategist and business analyst for a ski chalet company in the French Alps. This empowering experience allowed me to grow an extensive network of contacts in the travel industry and the expedition field.

I now share my time between Europe, Mauritius and Nepal and I truly love this kind of lifestyle. Travel is such a great way to learn about yourself and to meet incredible people but keeping it to myself seemed too restrictive. The idea of a blog soon came to life and I feel very fortunate to have been able to share so many of my incredible travel experiences.

What’s next? My recommendation would be – Be inspired. Explore the world. Create your own adventure… and be happy!

What I do

I find some destinations truly exceptional and most of them are a delight to explore.

  • Travel Blogger & Photographer

Experiencing a personal travel expertise with a travel photographer to hand-picked destinations that are tailored to fit personal travel styles. Brand are welcome to hire my services as part of their marketing plan.

  • Expedition Planner

Dreams can lead to achieving great travel experiences. But planning ahead is crucial. From training programs to the build up of the itinerary, the permits, insurance, visa, logistics and raising funds to finance your projects, this can be a daunting task.

  • Travel Ambassador

Joining my trips is one of the most intimate ways to bring destinations to life. I have selected a number of trusted and passionate travel specialists that have the ability to customise every journey to perfection. I enjoy gathering groups and come along as a travel photography to create stories and unforgettable memories.


How does it work?

The tours proposed will have to be booked directly with the tour operator. They have a first-hand expertise on the magical places we travel to.

Each and every adventure holiday is carefully crafted by a selected tour operator that is knowledgeable about the destination. The UK tour operators proposed will be fully bonded and ATOL protected for optimum financial security. Local tour operators are selected with care and have an unrivalled expertise of the terrain for premium travel services.

An exhilarating travel experience with a hint of magic.

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