Why is Global Rescue Critical When Travelling?

Like most people, I am always very excited about travelling to new destinations, meeting new people or experiencing different lifestyles, and like most of us, I think that having travel insurance is a must. What about rescue services? Medical evacuation?

Whether it’s globe-trotting, backpacking or just heading to the slopes during winter, the experience can be wonderful… But you don’t want to discover that your travel insurance policies do not cover you when you suddenly need help.


Don’t Let your Adventure Go Wrong!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong! In my previous posts, I shared the importance of purchasing travel insurance and what to consider when choosing one. The cost of the treatment, transport and repatriation could cost you thousands of your own money and turn your wonderful trip abroad into a medical nightmare if you don’t have the right insurance for your activity.

The Insurance You Should Invest In.

Adventure sports, winter sports and activities labelled as ‘dangerous’ are often not covered as part of a standard travel insurance policy, and you when you suffer an injury and need to be airlifted or sent back home, that’s when you’re in even more trouble.

I have always been aware of my own limits. I have also come to realise that Search and Rescue services were needed, so I signed up with Global Rescue. if I get lost while climbing or trekking in the Himalayas or if I suffer a serious injury and I need to be repatriated home, I want to be taken care of and receive the best rescue services immediately.

Medical evacuation – as offered by Global Rescue — is a service used to deliver a traveller to life-saving care that may not be available at the traveller’s location.

  • Global Rescue, The Interview.

Despite knowledge and experience, I sometimes discover just how challenging even a well-planned trip can be when in a new environment. And it’s often too late to worry about insurance.

So my Global Rescue card is part of my travel essentials on any of my trips abroad. They make decisions based on their member’s best interest and have always been a reliable travel partner for many years.

I was pleased to discuss rescue services following the Nepal earthquake with the team last year. I was planning an itinerary to the Himalayas and their insight on medical evacuation services was important to me. This is the short interview:

1. I have been a member of Global Rescue for years; For those who discover the company, can you tell us more about the company?

Since 2004, Global Rescue has been the worldwide leader in field rescue, evacuation, security extraction, and virtual health services. We have provided advisory, evacuation and crisis response services in the aftermath of terror attacks, civil unrest, and geopolitical turmoil since 2004.  Global Rescue deploys our former military personnel and critical care paramedics to the site of an emergency.

2. Who are the many faces behind the name?

Global Rescue CEO and founder is Dan Richards, who leads the global company with its six Operations centres in five countries. Our Operations teams include medical and security professionals, many of whom are former military personnel. These are the individuals who are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to a member in need anywhere in the world.

3. Most of us already have travel insurance, so why would I need Global Rescue?

Travel insurance and medical evacuation services are quite different.  Travel insurance protects travellers from financial loss resulting from cancelled trips, lost baggage, and medical expenses.  Medical evacuation – as offered by Global Rescue — is a service used to deliver a traveller to life-saving care that may not be available at the traveller’s location.  Global Rescue also offers security services. When our members travel to an area where there is a threat of violence, crime, or unrest, our security and intelligence teams provide advisory services to keep them informed. If a member is facing the threat of bodily harm, or a government evacuation order is declared, we will provide extraction services to bring our members out of danger and safely home.

4. Your service includes “Field Rescue”, but most of us can travel almost anywhere on the planet, even in remote or dangerous places. Do you rescue me if I am injured somewhere difficult to access?

Global Rescue pioneered field rescue for our members in remote or dangerous environments. Our deployable teams are standing by to rescue our members from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency, no matter how remote.

5. Apart from Rescue and Medical evacuations, is there any other services I can benefit from?

Global Rescue provides best-in-class Medical and Security Advisory Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members also have access to Destination Reports and Real-time Event Monitoring via the MyGlobalRescue Mobile App†, including, Two-way in-app communications, geo-located check-ins, and immediate access to emergency assistance. Available for iOS (v.5 and above) and Android (v.4.4 and above) at the App Store and Google Play.

6. The new mobile app is now available for members, what are the benefits of downloading it on my phone?

With the MyGlobalRescue mobile app, members have a direct link to our Operations centres in case of emergency. The app also provides real-time reports on health and security issues in 215 countries and principalities worldwide.

7. Over the years Global Rescue has helped many travellers worldwide, what would be your Number #1 recommendation to travellers?

Be prepared for a medical or security emergency. Know how to get help anywhere in the world at any time. It could save your life. Get a Quote!



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